Where is Solar Energy Being Used?

The Global Installed Solar Capacity has grown exponentially from 1.4 GW in 2000 to about 40 GW in 2010 with an average annual growth rate of around 49%.  Germany is the leading nation with 44% solar global installation.  The  Southwestern United States has a solar energy potential of 1026 GW, 9.5GW of this can be obtained by using concentrating solar power plants in California.  However, much of this land cannot be used because of inaccessible rough terrain, protected national parks, and residential or commercial  areas.

San Diego is ranked as 1st in California for solar power generation with about 20 MW of  PV solar capacity.

Much of this is achieved through the California Million Solar Roofs Initiative which sets a goal for California to have installed one million homes using solar panels by 2016.  In 2009, San Diego was the  leading city with 2,262 homes using solar panels.


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